Who we are

Siddhan Intelligence is a Next Generation Software Products, Business Consulting Company.

We Operate from India, the US & Brussels Now. Siddhan, as a business, built by successful professionals served Travel & Transportation Industry for the last two decades.

Startup with a Difference

Siddhan provides Travel Technology Products and Solutions for Airports, Airlines, Logistics, Surface, and other Travel and Transportation businesses. Siddhan, as a company with Strong Product DNA, delivers the client with a service mindset. The leadership team worked extensively for the Airline Industry. More than two decades of travel experience and what the promoters gave on the digital transformation for the world top 30 airlines are the classics, even today. Our new customer acquisition, since its inception, is 100%.

We request you to explore the solution that we can offer to match your current and future needs. Our DevOps Teams promote a genuinely fulfilling Agile experience for the customers.


Agile Assurance

Today, we cannot afford the gap between the business team and the IT Team. Siddhan uses the Agile Assurance framework to have better collaboration, quality, delivering working solutions to our clients.

Being a start-up company, we ensured the employees are 100% Agile-ready. Agile-oriented. Agile-conversant on the Agile Assurance framework that delivers working products, solutions for the clients, every time.

Siddhan DevOps Framework (S-DOF)

Siddhan DevOps Framework (S-DOF) makes the team as a single unit to develop, test, deliver, and maintain the business applications / Products / Solutions. It helps to get the team to focus and enjoy the flexibility of any project/product development.

Increased communication and collaboration makes it easy to implement changes without losing sight of the project objective.

S-DOF provides

  • An accelerated delivery and deployment process
  • Higher frequencies of software releases
  • Stability, security, and reliability of deployed software
  • Better predictability of software release cycles
  • Fewer errors in delivered and used code

S-DOF is a highly curated framework where we bring the time-tested products tailored for the organization’s maturity and willingness to achieve the desired results at par with rules set on conventional DevOps.

Awards & Recognition

See our accomplishments as a global leader, great employer and corporate citizen.