Makes the team truly agile, proactive, smart to achieve the best customer experience, highest service standards and world class.


Configuration Management System

Helps the management to design the Operation structure, service structure, service standards to achieve highest efficiency

Plan my Organization

Rule based Automatic Rosters, well integrated with HR, Training, Employee Preferences. Automatic Training Plans, Equipments Handling makes the life easy

Dynamic Tasks and Refinements

Any flight disruptions, Congestions leads to chaos on the workforce deployment are now a thing of the past. SO auto-adjusts the tasks and services to handle any challenges automatically.  

Airport Asset Management

Every type of equipment in the airport is tagged, allocated, tracked on its maintenance status, automatically by SO. Means you have better control, greater asset utilization, and best turnarounds.

Skill Compliance Management

Automatic training schedules, calendars, skill updations, new skill alignments, advanced training schedules auto-adjusts the Roster gives you hassle-free skill management of your team

Airport Monitoring System

Every simple task, service, departments tracked, and monitored. Smart Operation Control Center (SOCC) assisted with BOTS to keep reporting to you the challenges and resolution on the Ground.

Business Analytics and Tools

The detailing of tasks level provides the greater experience even for the sr management to understand the nuances and actuals of the airport dynamics

Cost Of Working

Provides complete insight on the efficiency factor of operation and the cost paid by the airport to achieve the same

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